CYBER PLUS ,founded since 2004, has grown and collaborated with a selected group of industry partners. Representing the world's top companies in IT field, manufacturing and distribution mobile accessories and retail shop.

 Distribution & Retail

Established in 1986, ELECOM has been leading the Smartphone, Tablet PC and AV Accessory markets in Japan for years. With subsidiaries in Germany, Korea, China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore, ELECOM also has a worldwide network of business partners, enabling the availability of ELECOM products globally.
Our commitment to the high level of end-user satisfaction results in our unique and wide range of products with a perfect combination of smart design and cutting-edge technology.

Established in 2013, ALPHA7 is one of the leading retailers of mobile phone and accessories business in Mandalay which is the second largest city in Myanmar.

 Information Technology

Nippon System Development Co., Ltd.

The Organization

The Nippon Systems Development will keep more effort to provide a high-value added service in productivity, quality and cost, to contribute to our customers.

Group Structure

By Developing the Nippon Systems Development centered in the group and working together, we exert a synergy effect on developing specialized solutions.

SystemGear Softec Co., Ltd.

SOFTEC Ltd., since its establishment in February 1986, has been engaged in development and selling of the package systems aiming for the logistics enterprise. Among them, ICHIBAN BOSHI transportation system achieved No.1 total domestic share in Japan.

SystemGear Vietnum Co., Ltd.

Our SystemGear Vietnam is the only foreign company with offices in SystemGear Group, Actual cultivated since its founding, who is also the parent company Nippon System Development Co., Ltd., has developed standard quality, your high-performance We provide the needs of software. Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City is the economic center of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology staff (first-school) graduates are configured just like the power of your software development support. Can originate from Asian manufacturers aim to develop their products from Vietnam, know-how and accumulated.

iCRAFT Corp. established branch in Yangon, Myanmar since 2012. We began to provide hosting services for Myanmar Business. We are aiming Myanmar companies to expand business by internet environment. In Myanmar, companies and governmental organizations still do not have official website and many of them are using the free e-mail services. Taking advantage of experience in Japan, not only provide hosting services, as well as to contribute to the improvement of IT literacy in Myanmar, and help of information dissemination of local companies. Aiming to acquire 1000 users, launch the first year. We will start selling through local distributors.